Up to 512GB of cloud backup over 1 computer
15 Mins of personalised support per month

Up to 1TB of cloud backup over 3 computers
30 mins of personalised support per month

 Up to 1.5TB of cloud backup over 5 computers
60 mins of personalised support per month

Unlimited Backup, Unlimited Number of computers
Unlimited personalised support, 1 on site visit per month
Free full Antivirus for 5 windows PC’s.  Briefcase 2TB      


Cloud Backup only 512GB 1PC £5 per month (in advance) - £60
Cloud Backup only 1TB 3PC £8 per month (in advance) - £96
Unlimited Cloud backup Unlimited PC’s £10 per Month (in advance) - £120

Add Briefcase to your account
Briefcase lets you access your files wherever you are. It adds a virtual drive to your PC. Files you add to that drive are stored on your hard drive, but also copied safely online. You can access your Briefcase files at any time online. You can even edit documents and photos, watch movies and listen to music right from the web browser. If you install Briefcase on more than one PC, the files are the same on each computer, files changed on one machine update on all of the others automatically!

512 GB - £4 Extra per month
1TB - £5 extra per month
1.5TB - £6 extra per month
2TB - £8 extra per month                

Add Ons

Add On site Visits to your home or work (+ options)

1 Visit per year - £5 extra per month
2 Visits per year - £10 extra per month
4 Visits per year (per Quarter) - £20 extra per month

Backup for all of the PCs in the business. Collaborate on projects with Team Folders: like a shared network drive online. Share files with colleagues. Brand the sharing portal with business colours and logos. Extremely easy to set up and all managed, through a business admin portal
Please contact Rossfix for Pricing

Add NAS drive cloud backup.                                   
Back up your NAS drive to the cloud for the ultimate in data safety 

£5 extra per month       


Any unused time will not rollover to the next month. Inclusive Onsite visits are for 1 hour any time over is charged at std rates. There are no credit terms available, all outstanding amounts must be settled after the service or supply is started. Payment for on going services is required by standing order All sevices will cease. if subcription is cancelled without prior notification.

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